Flexiv Retail Point of Sale Solutions can benefit Businesses of all sizes

Flexsims, quick-to-learn and easy-to-customize retail POS software solution. Fast implementation and easy to use, Flexsims can benefit businesses of all sizes – from start-ups, to small and medium retailers, to larger businesses. We provide faster billing, customer service, offer promotions and loyalty programs, manage your inventory more effectively and evaluate your business’s performance along with reporting and analysis tools. Enjoy superior levels of performance with our solutions.
Flexsims Key Features: 
Online and offline working capability
Streamline and oversee Inventory at any time
Easy management of stocks
Create discounts and prices
Network independent local mode operation
Multi-currency & Multiple bill settlement methods
Customer tracking and loyalty
Fast/Slow and Non-moving reports
Integrating to weighing scales
Time based Discount/Promotional rules
Control staff access to operations on the POS
Check and review end of day operations
Increase sales with up-selling and cross-selling tools

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