FLEXtims™ – Distribution Management System


Distribution Management system that we offer is a complete Web Based solution for Importers (Principal) and its Distributors concept.

This is being used by leading distributors in Sri Lanka and was assisting international Pharmaceutical manufacturers and Machinery Suppliers over the years. All enhancements were done from user feedback and as well as our own experience in the area. The proposed system is an automated co-ordination of all business functions of a wholesale trading organisation integrated to increase efficiency & effectiveness while delivering simplicity in operations & speed.


Supports Multi-user, Multi-company formats and Integrated with accounts application.

Manages all aspects of wholesale operations quickly and accurately and multiple agencies.

System supports in two ways; Online and Offline.

Key Features:

Distributor billing

Manage Distributor inventory

Wholesale billing with different discounts

Order base billing

Collection banking managemnet

Stock outs monitoring

Supplier/ Company wise purchase order

Free Issue Management

Manager, Salesman Performance and Commission or incentive management

Manage targets and achievements

Online application supports Reps to handle sales in the fields with mobile printing facility. Offline application supports reps to accept orders in the fields and generate the invoice.

An entire trading process will give rise to stocks, debtors, sales, Purchases & money. When a transaction is executed the system will automatically update all its relevant fields instantly.

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