Flexiv offers Point of Sales Software Systems

We have specialized in developing point of sales systems employing the latest technology while delivering the customer with numerous modern features regularly. Our flagship point of sales system – FLEXsimsTM [Flexiv Sales & Inventory Management System] is used by industry leaders both local and foreign. Different versions of the product are available for customers ranging from small retailers to high-end supermarket chains. It assists to manage stocks, sales, carry out special promotions thereby increase profits. FLEXsimsTM will generate reports in any manner to evaluate the performance of your business. It is a multi-user package & users can be granted management-determined authorisation to their respective areas.


Main concerns and functions would be to manage


Automatic Ordering System
Sales (cash & credit)
Inventory Counting (Perpetual & Full)
Multiple Prices and Barcodes
Promotions, Loyalty and Gift Vouchers
Online and Offline billing
Online linking to Weigh Scales
Sales/ Stocks, Fast, Slow and Movement Reports
Utility Bill Payments Module
Flexiv POS supports to pay Utility bill payments: Water, Electricity, TV, Reload, Easy Cash ,etc.. via online.

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