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In the retail businesses a good point of sale systems is one of the biggest assets. Retail solutions that combine POS with the other processes can help keep costs down and streamline the workflows. This looks like team of experts working behind the scenes, ensuring everything’s moving quickly and efficiently. To remain on today’s highly competitive retail landscape, you need a good POS System to help you run your business the right way. The reasons would be it can save your time, speed up Inventory management, no need to dig through receipts, up to the minute sales reports, Real-time inventory tracking, better customer relationship management, managing efficiently when using manual methods etc.
POS can help businesses in a variety of ways such as including efficient billing process, managing inventory & stocks, providing customer management data, identifying opportunities and weaknesses in the store and much more.
POS software opening the door to a fully integrated and paperless company.
Why Us?:
Based on our client testimonials, they are confident that we provide the best customized software solutions empowered by the latest technologies. Over the years we have spoken with large number of retailers who considered new point of sale software solutions and we have given all the features requested for modern retail.
Flexiv Point of Sales Solution – Flexsims
It is a fully-fledged Point of Sale solution which is suitable for any type of retailer. Uniquely designed for Super markets, Convenient stores, Pharmaceuticals, Fashion shops, Department stores, Hardware retailers and much more.
·     Integrated Solution
·     Effective & Efficient billing processes & stocks management
·     Inventory management provides greater productivity and Process Visibility
·     Operational Efficiency with Greater Control resulted Greater Cost savings
·     Makes transactions execution quick and save customer’s precious time
·    Automatic generation of accurate reports and instantaneous updates in sales and purchase  records
·     Superior customer service across all sales channels
·    Helps companies to identify the gap. So that can manage new strategies to achieve set goals boosting business growth.
Key Features:
·         Online and offline working capability
·         Streamline and oversee Inventory at any time
·         Easy management of stocks
·         Create discounts and prices
·         Network independent local mode operation
·         Multi-currency & Multiple bill settlement methods
·         Customer tracking and loyalty
·         Fast/Slow and Nonmoving reports
·         Integrating to weighing scales
·         Time based Discount/Promotional rules
·         Control staff access to operations on the POS
·         Check and review end of day operations
·         Increase sales with up-selling and cross-selling tools

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