Flexiv Micro systems (Pvt) Limited is a Leading ICT Solutions Provider in Sri Lanka for Retail, Distribution, Hospitality Management, Accounting Management, Payroll & HR management. We are a Subsidiary of DPJ Holdings. We offer customized Solutions with innovative offerings for cooperate sector over 475 clients locally and internationally though expertise in Software Development, Implementation, Hardware Integration Total Solution under one roof.

Our FLEXIV BUSINESS PARTNER Program is Unique and designed for any individual or Organization who would like to sell our software solutions and gain additional income. Whether you are an Organization, Businessman, Marketer, IT sector employee or student still you can take part in our program.

This is a great opportunity for you to become a business partner and increase profits. As partners both parties get value out of this relationship.

As your commitment to FLEXIV grows, so will your sales incentives, marketing opportunities, and other program benefits.

Why become a FLEXIV Business Partner?

Optimize market coverage and reach

Increase sales productivity

Improve profitability

Accelerate growth

Program benefits:

The best solutions to thousands of customers local and International

Highly attractive commissions are offered for new customer acquisition and sales

Support online & over the phone

Training programs

Market, Industry and competitive intelligence

We offer you,

Sales & Marketing Support

The benefits stemming from partnering with FLEXIV include access to marketing tools, a broad line-up of collateral materials, unique product presentations, case studies, innovative campaigns, competitor data, and much more.

Continuous Growth & Learning Opportunities 

We provide you access to the latest training tools, resources and documentation. Our goal is to provide each of our partners and resellers with the knowledge base necessary to effectively market, sell and support the current and future FLEXIV software solutions.

Partner Support 

Whether you need support closing a sale, implementing a solution, or maintaining a system of relationships, we can help. Dedicated support lines, web pages, and above all, dedicated people, provide all the assistance you need: up front and down the line.

Enabling your growth
At FLEXIV our partners are treated as if they were an extension of the company, so we’re constantly creating marketing and enabling programs specifically designed to drive demand.

Leading the industry

With FLEXIV, partners get a vast knowledge and opportunity to work with a industry-leading Software solutions provider.

Empowering your business
Ramp up your competitive advantage by selling innovative, comprehensive software solutions. Our partner program is designed to help you by providing unmatched software solutions, while assuring a profitable contribution to your business.

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